Van der Gucht is one of the most important pottery wholesale companies in Europe. Already five generations of this family have been producing and selling pottery. All the acquired experience and knowledge have helped to build up a large variety of products.


Van der Gucht was once a small pottery. In 1870 by Frederik Michel Van der Gucht began the development of his own clay hole to bake pottery for domestic use. At the beginning of the past century, aluminium stainless steel pots were launched. Therefore, the pottery switched over to the production of flower pots for garden nurseries. In 1965 the plastic flower pot made its entry onto the market. In no more than two years, plastic flower pots take over the position of stone pots. Consequently, Van der Gucht changes course and adds decorative flower pots to its line of products.


The emergence of garden centers in 1970 creates a new selling market, which also demands other products. To be able to meet the demand, Van der Gucht increases once again its wide range of products and adds also reed, heather and bamboo screens into it’s program.


Van der Gucht selects only the best suppliers in the world to be able to meet the increasingly greater demand for quality pottery.

Today, the market changes faster every day, new trends and colours are introduced at top speed.

Thanks to its many years of experience and its world- wide supplier network, Van der Gucht is able to maintain a position at the top.


For more than 20 years already, Van der Gucht is also an active distributor of high quality artificial Christmas trees, almost like real.

With our three Christmas collections, we have everything in stock for you to create a festive and cozy end of year !